Monday, April 23, 2007


This little bugger has been kicking around mine for ages, a few months ago FREEWHEEL in nottingham asked me to custom this stem for display in the shop, however im crap at bringing it into them and every day i work at the pub i see them, and they always say " where the f@*k is that stem" so i figured cos ive had it done for so long i should really give it to them............. but i should show you guys first. So here it is if you go to Nottingham and your into mountain/ bmx or just plain chopper bikes like me get your bum down to FREEWHEEL and have a look i will take pics of it in the shop at some point too.2 guys with massive holes through there head!!!!!!!!!!!ANYWAY WHAT DO YOU THINK?ALSO IF YOU LIKE IT HOUND THE BIKE SHOP AND GIVE ME BIG-UP'S CONTACT THEM THROUGH THIS LINK


I have produced a load of new t-shirts for the Old Angel in Nottingham.

If you would like one pop along to and get in contact or pop into the pub and demand them - they are about 10 pounds each.

Small comic for PULSE magazine

Here is a small comic for a new magazine called PULSE, its not the best small comic im sure but i could not think of anything better - it may not be a garfield but please try to love it.


This little bugger is an IKEA shelf its quite big............and i doodled all over it!!!

Ive only been to IKEA once but i think next time i go i might buy a few things and doodle over, cos this turned out quite nice.

Anyway if you fancy owning it give me an e-mail and an offer for it!!!!!!!!!