Monday, April 23, 2012


Yep my artwork is on The Midnight Beast tour poster - get to one of them gigs they are gonna be amazing - for more info

McFly KCAPL artwork

Went to see McFly the other night and i took my little 9 year old sister-in-law Ella (thats her at the front of the pit with the blonde hair - the short one on her tip-toes) - it was her first gig EVER! Not only did we get to see the guys play and have our ears blasted by the amazing McFans but we also saw my artwork, which is one of the best things about my job :) Anyway had loads of fun and Ella nearly exploded.


New The Midnight Beast artwork and website revealed TODAY - so so so much more coming soon - Keep your eyes peeled

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LOADED magazine 2

Anyone who bought Loaded this month might have seen another picture by me in the TV section :) This is that picture - i love working with Loaded they always challenge me big styleeeee - this months picture was a fight between LOGOS so you haveLevi's fighting Ecko fighting Holister! fighting Puma (see if you can spot the others) this was a massive fun project :) hope you like the pic :)

More new stuff on FaceBook

It seems ive been chucking up loads on facebook (and not on here - woops sorry guys) - mainly because its very quick and easy..... anyway pop over to SiMitchell and have a look - ive got loads of sweet things coming soon including stuff for a band called The Midnight Beast who are releasing their debut album - which im designing................ anyway see you on facebook :)