Thursday, March 29, 2012


Did this a while back - never got used - but i like him - the logo would go on the head and the name of the company would go over his knuckles and feet...........might use him one day - what do you think?

McFly sketches

Wanna see more pop over to the SiMitchell facebook and see loads of them ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mcfly Tour poster - KCAPL

Yep thats right McFly are back on tour with the amazing "KEEP CALM AND PLAY LOUDER" tour - get over to see them - its off the scale!!!!!! Not only can you see the guys rocking hard - but you will also see some of my artwork (look at the VIP's if you get a chance)
The guys asked me to draw a poster for them and after about 7 sketches we started working on this one! (i will reveal the sketches on the SiMitchell facebook page)
When you guys do go to the tour - take some pics and send me - enjoi!

Facebook for updates..........

As many of you know ive been chucking up loads of stuff onto my SiMitchell facebook page so if you wanna see some of the new stuff you may have missed get over and click the 'like' button :)

loaded magazine

Yep thats right ive started drawing for Loaded magazine and im over the moon about it :) the first picture to appear has been made into a print and is available over in the SIMITCHELL SHOP its selling quick - in the meantime check out the comp they are running - you could win a bundle of my stuff :)
Good luck!

The Breakfast Club st Patricks day shirt!

Yep we at Tbclub are releasing a shirt just in time for St Patricks Day - get over to the site for more info - as normal they will be very ltd - so my advice get in quick the last 2 shirts and 2 sweatshirts have sold out faster than anything - also keep an eye on the page - we are releasing many many many shirts in the coming months - its gonna be HUGE - JOIN THE CLUB!


Yep another gig for Robot Vs Sharks and that means another poster from me - firstly the shark poster (with the robot in its belly) is for 3 emerging talents - check the out before they get HUGE! Secondly LEGENDS Fishbone (and i mean legends this band is loved the entire world over - and they deserve it - amazing - if you can get to the gig go!!!!) also they are playing with the amazing and i mean amazing Random Hand - CHECK CHECK CHECK IT OUT!


Thats right after The Midnight Beast & Rufus Hound wearing the shirt my stock has got down to the last 10 shirts - wow they went fast - soooooooooo it comes to my attention that i need to do another - so over the next few weeks i shall be posting on the SiMitchell page some new possible designs - get on that page to tell me what you think :)