Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Since the awesome album 'SEETHING IS BELIEVING' by Random Hand came out loads and loads of people have been sending pictures of them with the album on thier faces!!!! Check out some of them above!!!!!!
The collection includes The Skints, SB6, Random Hand, Adam Daulton, Andrew Wilson, Chris Hogg, David Clarke, Georgia Davies, Henry Parker, Hollys cat Lily, Jason Cottrell, Jon Alexandersson, Jym Harris, Kurt Tabbada Wood, Lucy Dunn, Mark Esquibel, Michael Mason, Michael Watmough, Oliver Ecip Barrow, Owen Cousins, Rachel Russ, Scotty, Sebastian Schofield & Tom Farrel (sorry if i missed anyone!)
I love how everyone is using the album...............Random Hand are on tour at the moment with the awesome Sonic Boom Six & The King Blues - awesome!

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